Our Services

  • Transformation Planning

    Why transform? Grow the business, protect/enhance the brand, reduce risk? Expert consultants at Daring help leaders articulate the purpose of transformation, then guide teams through the development of scope, risks, and dependencies, resulting in a people and business outcome focused roadmap.

  • IT Strategy

    Technology is the core of every business – from the digital presence and mobile applications to back-office automation – businesses are powered by technology. Finding the right balance between technology investment and selecting projects and tools must be informed by business outcomes, not technical trends. The team at Daring specializes in filling that role.

  • Metrics

    Implemented well, metrics help us determine if we’re on the path we’d planned to be on, at the pace we planned to go, and give us a chance to decide if the chosen path still makes sense. The partners at Daring helps leadership teams determine useful metrics and guides them in gathering the data and integrating learning into daily management.

  • Executive Coaching

    Before leading an organization, transformation, or daily operations, a person must first lead themselves. Strong leadership demands self-awareness, learning investment, and honest feedback support. At Daring, we provide executive coaches with experience in the field – accomplished executives turned coaches – who provide essential support and counsel.

Our Clients