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Podcast & Video interviews

  • Women In Tech Summit

    In this talk, titled, “Tell Your Story with Facts & Data,” Anne provides a template for improving impact when presenting technology funding requests and status readouts to executive leadership teams.


    During the second annual Women in Tech Summit, hosted by NC Tech Association, Anne provides a motivational moment on the importance of NOT “overfunctioning.” This quick watch was received so well that Anne has become a regular in ERG meetings across several organizations.


    In this STP Radio episode, Mike Lyles takes some time to talk with Anne about experimenting with both engineering practices and organizational design. Anne and Mike chat about quality in the digital age and how QA has a new role and value in testing. Listen Now!


    In 2019, Anne wrote an article entitled “DevOps Starts by Knowing Your Numbers.” Published by Tech Beacon and republished by O’Reilly Media, Anne was invited to present the topic at several conferences, including the Atlassian Summit talk featured here. A short, but worthwhile watch!


  • Techbeacon

    DevOps is all about the numbers. Where do you start with DevOps, and how do you show the business value if you don't know your numbers to begin with?