From Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering


A growing cooperative had legacy quality issues with its software. As systems were being upgraded, they sought a method to deliver more stable solutions and turned to Daring Systems to guide their journey from quality assurance to true quality engineering.



Understanding the current state was the first step in preparing the organization for implementing new engineering methods to improve quality.  We looked at the team makeup, strengths, and tenure. We evaluated stakeholder feedback and relationships with other teams.  We looked at the entire flow of work – from idea to implementation – knowing what was working and where the system was failing.

Next, we looked at business priorities, areas of growth, and strategic imperatives.  Knowing which projects and enhancements were going to be implemented, we were able to throttle our introduction of tools and techniques to be within the team’s capacity.

Together with our client, the Daring team evaluated preferred technologies, tools, and techniques.  Re-using wherever we could, we sought to build off what the team knew rather than implement radical new ideas.

Finally, we put the journey together into a clear and concise roadmap to be socialized across the entire organization. Setting the expectation that change takes time, but with intentional planning, it can help an organization thrive. 


The client initiated a multi-phased journey that not only improved software quality, but changed the way the team worked together, improving engagement.  In addition, the cost to deliver new software decreased as fewer problems and defects were introduced into the environment.