CapEx to OpEx, Modernizing the Funding Model


A technology-focused client was actively modernizing software and moving into more XaaS solutions.  This improved customer experience, speed to market, and business results – but the annual funding process expected technology costs to be capital expenditures, so the management team struggled to get the appropriate funding and relied on a personal commitment to finish some projects.


What made the organization so successful in the past was a willingness to look at changes in the landscape and consumer preferences and be willing to pivot.  Daring leveraged this history to tap into corporate preferences and determine the readiness and capacity to begin the migration from CapEx to Opex.

Framing and initiating conversations, the Daring team brought together technology and finance partners to evaluate the trends and compare them with corporate priorities and tactical actions.

Using what-if analysis and proposing multiple approaches, Daring helped the client technology and finance partners work together to propose the change to the executive team.

Daring took another, deeper look into the IT practices to evaluate what, beyond Finance policy and procedures, was preventing the migration to OpEx. Interviewing and surveying stakeholders, evaluating workforce risk, and reviewing project artifacts, Daring identified process and communication improvements that the team could put in place to simplify the migration to an OpEx model.


Three key results came from this engagement.  First was language and a set of practices that brought IT and Finance together for better collaboration. The second was streamlined methods within IT, so the team was more prepared to leverage XaaS solutions. Finally, IT and Finance prepared the executive leadership team for a transition – allowing for planning, shared understanding, and a common goal.