Case Studies

  • Strategy to Operations: KPI Alignment

    The critical starting point for Daring Systems was understanding the mindset and readiness of the team to work in a new manner.  After two decades of success delivering just one product with supporting services, now the team is expanding, maturing, and engaging new stakeholders.

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  • Software Engineering Excellence

    A leading software development firm known for excellence in DevOps began to experience an increase in defects in production software.  Driven by its learning culture, this firm reached out to Daring Systems to identify the issues in the workflow and the DevOps pipeline, then guided the team to embrace quality-focused practices.

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  • Foundation for Digital Transformation

    Global non-profit research institute engaged a new CIO to modernize technology platforms and play a critical role in defining the digital transformation strategy. 

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  • From Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering

    A growing cooperative had legacy quality issues with its software. As systems were being upgraded, they sought a method to deliver more stable solutions and turned to Daring Systems to guide their journey from quality assurance to true quality engineering.

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  • CapEx to OpEx, Modernizing the Funding Model

    A technology-focused client was actively modernizing software and moving into more XaaS solutions. 

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