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Agile organizations, Big Data, and the Internet of Things are mechanisms for helping your organization thrive in the Digital Age. At Daring Systems, we believe you have the talent and tools to be successful today if you understand your current state and are clear on where you are heading. Our team of advisors has a track record of successful programs and projects and a passion for working with clients in a collaborative manner. We have more than consulting experience, we have client-side perspective from learning and driving change within an organization. We want to help your organization thrive today and tomorrow. Our experienced leaders can help you understand your current state and drive plans to adopt the mechanisms that are right for your organization. We lead transformative efforts and develop operational models, so you have line of site to where you are, where you are going, and all you can achieve.



People do their best when they know where they are going and they have what they need to get there.


Ever-advancing our skills and perspective, staying one-step ahead so we can help you.



Over two decades experience delivering systems of people and software that work well.


Connected web of experts with a passion for their space and at the top of their game.


Anne Hungate

Anne Hungate


With more than 25 years’ experience leading global teams to deliver and transform, Anne Hungate founded Daring Systems to guide organizations through the opportunities the digital age present. Her expertise spans financial services, media & entertainment, and transportation/logistics. Anne emphasizes strategy coupled with operational analytics to help clients set direction and realize true business value.

Laura Keaton

Laura Keaton


A senior executive advisor and consultant for more than 20 years, Laura Keaton has led delivery teams in process optimization, engineering solutions, and automation. Laura pioneered a unified communication platform that brings technology and operations into alignment with business priorities. Her deep experience in process engineering and design thinking make her a highly sought-after advisor and trainer to technology teams.




A results and action-oriented leader, George Grabow has guided sales, manufacturing, and distribution teams through double-digit growth. A West Point graduate with over 25 years’experience, he is recognized not only for the results he has generated as a client-side leader, but for the talent he has developed within organizations – creating a leadership pipeline. George specializes in finding the right balance between strategy and execution that is unique to each client.


Daring systems engages senior leaders and experts in their domain. Leveraging a partner and consumption-based model, Daring’s unique business model means that clients get the best resources and only pays for what they need. Our clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes from trusting and collaborating with an experienced team.

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