Daring Systems Services

“Know Your Numbers” is the successful and effective campaign launched by the American Heart Association to help reduce the risk of heart disease.


This elegant model can be applied to Information Technology and Operations teams as well. When we applied the formula to our team, we found these three areas helped us reduce risk and improve efficiency.


  1. Know your risk factors – both in your control, and outside of your control such as:
  • What competitors are doing
  • Regulatory changes in your space
  • Customer changing preferences
  • How you communicate
  • Standards and processes you enforce
  • Tools you use
  1. At all times, be able to answer key business questions such as:
  • What (application) is most important to the business?
  • Which projects are highest priority?
  • Are the right people assigned to the right projects at the right time?
  • What step in the delivery lifecycle is the long pole in the tent?
  • What piece of technical debt costs the most?
  1. Take these simple steps:
  • Manage your production environment closely
  • Work on the highest priority projects first
  • Monitor and measure workforce risk
  • Define and support your preferred project delivery method
  • Monitor your technical debt
  • Engage the team at every level
  • Hold a monthly operations review