5 Challenges that Keep Your DevOps Initiatives from Thriving

DevOps should help your organization increase capacity and deliver more value to users quickly.  Often, efforts lose traction and opportunity.  Keep your eye out for these five challenges so that you avoid the traps.

  1. Not Knowing Why DevOps Matters to the Business…

DevOps is a compression and automation of the software delivery supply chain – just like manufacturing in the 80’s and 90’s – optimizing inventory and automating where possible.  The result is better products faster and cheaper.

  1. Not Measuring the Value

    Successful DevOps team

Do you measure the distance you travel by the amount of fuel that you burn?  No.  When an executive team agrees to fund an automation initiative, they want to know the distance you have traveled, they want to know what is better – a successful initiative does that.

  1. Being Too Tool Focused

Do not start with a tool – find the constraints, start and fix the process first.  Rules BEFORE tools.

  1. Doing for it the Wrong Reasons

The general statements “be more efficient” or “attract talent” do not carry any weight — they are noise — if you use these reasons you cannot inspire your team or communicate well with business partners.

  1. Getting Lost in Environment Complexity

These initiatives are challenging – and going down a technical rabbit hole is the end.  If you do not have a mechanism for keeping the rabbit holes in check… you will fall down.