Build a better business case to justify your technology project!

To build a better business case you must know EXACTLY why the project matters to the bottom line.  When you do this, you stand a much better chance of getting support.

I know what it is like spending hours solving a problem.  I fall in love with my logic and technical solution.  Then, when I try to socialize my discovery, people look at me with glazed over eyes because I spent too much time telling them how elegantly I solved the problem.  I need to spend more time on my solution matters — and so should you if you want to get support for your great ideas and funding for your technology project.

The school of hard knocks taught me four steps to building a better business case to justify my technology projects.  With these four steps, you will get to work on what matters most.

Next time you build and present a business case for your brilliant solution, remember this finite and complete list of reasons why you would do a project.

  1. Does the solution grow the business – if so, how much, at what rate, in what markets, with what features?
  2. Is the brand enhanced, promoted or protected?
  3. Are we reducing risk by ensuring compliance and closing security gaps? If so, which ones, at what rate, and what is the potential impact of the exposure?
  4. Does the solution  reduce cost? What costs?  How much will they go down?